Phoenix Dentist for Anxiety

Dental anxiety, fear, and needle phobia are the main reasons why people avoid the dentist and postpone dental procedures. Delaying required or even routine dental care can often magnify problems and lead to serious oral health concerns. There are steps that the right dental team can take, in order to ease a patient’s fear or anxiety of the dentist and their needle phobia. Contact the Phoenix dentist for anxiety at Dental on Central if you are in need of dental care, but avoiding it due to paralyzing fear. We are dedicated to providing our patients with a relaxing and stress-free dental experience. Call us at (602) 266-1776 or reach us online today so we may discuss your treatment options and book an appointment.

Why Choose Dental On Central?

  • Personalized, gentle, comprehensive patient care is our number one priority.
  • We strive to make certain everyone has a positive experience when they come to us for their dental care.
  • Our team of sedation dentists offers comprehensive dental care under one roof, including on-site sedation methods to help you relax.

What is Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia?

Dental anxiety is exceedingly common, affecting almost everyone who visits the dentist. However, it becomes an issue when anxiety or dental phobia prohibits you from obtaining the oral healthcare you need. The thought of a visit is terrifying and can make prospective patients feel physically ill.

Fear of the dentist or dental phobia is an intense and often unreasonable fear of going to the dentist.

Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Nervousness/Restlessness
  • Feelings of danger
  • Increased or heavy sweating
  • Rapid breathing
  • Weakness
  • Trembling or muscle twitching

What is Needle Phobia?

The fear of needles is a dental phobia, known as belonephobia. It is an unreasonable fear of needles, creating an altered response. Prior to any dental procedure, patients can experience high blood pressure and an elevated heart rate. This can occur hours or even days before the appointment.

Some patients with needle phobia may have a hypersensitivity to the pain caused by them. When a needle is injected, blood pressure may drop rapidly, causing the patient to faint.

How Can a Phoenix Dentist for Anxiety Help?

  • Communication: A dentist’s first goal should be communicating with the patient in order to understand the depth of the patient’s phobia.
  • Comforting and Calming Techniques: Dentists should then work towards making the patient comfortable, by offering music, a television, or blankets.
  • Sedation: Depending on the nature and complexity of a procedure, various types of sedation may be offered to help patients (especially patients with special needs) feel more relaxed and cope with needle phobia. For example, general anesthesia is offered, and we can start with a mask and the administration of nitrous oxide. In that way, the patient doesn’t have any exposure to needles.
  • Take Breaks: An agreed-upon signal can be used when asking for a break during treatment.

Gradually exposing a fearful patient to the dentist’s office may also be a solution. Allowing patients to drop-in before an appointment can help alleviate their fear and anxiety. If a lack of control is the main cause of anxiety, dentists can be sure to explain each step of a procedure before or as it is happening.

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When you choose an understanding dentist for anxiety, getting the dental care you need won’t be as scary anymore. Our team of Phoenix dentists for anxiety care for our patients with the utmost concern for their fear, anxiety, and needle phobia and are invested in providing enjoyable and relatively pain-free dental treatment. Call us today at (602) 266-1776 or fill out our contact form online to schedule an appointment.